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Yo what’s good its Jazz [Ingram]. You can call me baby or mr. ingram.

I’m a recording artist. I do a lot of other things but I don’t like to say I’m within that profession. I feel like making music is something I’ve proven that I can do time in and time out.

Jazz Ingram at Cam Kirk Studio

Taken by Isaiah C.

Whats the meaning behind your instagram name ?

I used to have like 2 explanations and now I have more. The first explanation, like how the name actually came about is: I think my name on Instagram was proud trap dad ( Dad came from me driving real safe plus my homies always make me feel like I’m a dad because I be like “everybody put their seat belt on”. I drive the speed limit, and I listen to jazz in the car and shit so the 'dad' was already there. Then this girl in my theater class had this baby bottle phone case and I took it and put it on my phone. I went to the bathroom and took a mirror selfie. When I looked at the picture I was like “damn, baby bottle dad” since I had the case and saw myself. Then I changed my Instagram name. Eventually I didn’t like that story so I had to come up with another reason. There’s this picture of Kurt Cobain with a striped shirt on and some patch work jeans; that was what I envisioned because I used to really like striped shirts. Now I just feel like the baby aspect because I’m a f*cking baby that’s just who I am. I like being taken care of and stuff like that, plus I feel like that’s always how I’m viewed--like as a child.

How long have you been creating music?

I started recording in like 2011. Yeah, is that like 6th grade? That’s like 6th grade, right? So yeah, I was like 11 or 12 and I think I started taking it serious-serious when I dropped 'Baby New Year’s' which was like my first project-project. I was really already taking it serious because I wanted to be a rapper. I remember in 6th grade, I [rapped for] Red Ribbon Week [at an assembly]. Dudes were bullying the f*ck out of me saying my sh*t was buns but I knew I wasn’t a*s so I just started writing early.

What was the inspiration for the Baby New Years - EP?

The name came from Dvdx, he produced majority of that music too. We had been working and did a string of singles and he came up with the concept because I’m born on new year’s. He was like “you should make a project and put it out January 1st“, I was like “Oh that’s hard, we can do that”. I think I was a senior [in high school] so I was doing online school therefore I had a lot of time to work on it. That was like the first time I really locked in for a project because I was kind of scared of that idea for a while but it’s a good process in all.

Jazz Ingram at Cam Kirk Studio

Taken by Isaiah C.

Jazz Ingram at Cam Kirk Studio

Taken by Isaiah C.

Since you stay in New York what's you routine music wise while there?

To be honest when I do make music up there I typically work in studios but it’s not as frequent as when I’m here [in Atlanta]. I can record a song every day in my room [in Atlanta]. Typically [in New York] it’s more business-related stuff and that’s why I tried to make that move up there. I felt like I was really creative here [in Atlanta] but I wasn’t making any gains to build a foundation and have a platform.

Do you have any friends in New York who are into music as well?

Your Friend, Kami lives in New York too. He moved there like 16 days after I did. I stay with Damnbenny! which is another producer and a homie for real—both of them are the homies for real but yeah that’s typically what I’m up there rapping on. I’ve been taking sessions with different producers and stuff like that and it’s interesting because I don’t really know the people and typically I work with people I know. Usually I just bring Kobe (Your friend, Kami) and then we all become cool.

How could you describe your sound?

I try to make music that sounds like me throughout the various periods of my life. A lot of my music is mellow and bubbly and I think that’s because for a while that was my temperament and I used to crush a lot well. I used to like a lot of people and so I would just make songs about how I was feeling. The songs like "u turn" and "whataburger" (all the sh*t that’s not out and stuff) I was just really angry. I was legitimately angry and I was in New York cold as sh*t. "u turn" is 4 freestyles of me just screaming through the mic.

How is the latest project coming along?

I started working on it subconsciously like last summer. I made this song and was like “damn, this the best song I ever made”; I was just listening to it for a really long time then I came back to Atlanta. I didn’t want to put it out because I put out my best song when I was in high school. At the time it was my best song, it was called Party at my Place. I didn’t have a song that I felt was better and I went into this weird position where I was trying to make something better and fell into this slump. This time I thought, “instead of putting this song out because it’s the best I should go and work with these producers and make more songs that are on the same level”. I had to figure out how to get back [to New York]; I got up there in like September-October and around December I was up there working, making those other songs. The project is with this production duo called Bird Language.

We asked Jazz about his "anonymous" Soundcloud account titled babycliche's bedroom.

I made that account when I was like a junior in high school but I wasn’t really confident enough to put anything out. I only put out like one song on there. I would just upload my demos and keep them private, so the account has been existent and that was just the Soundcloud account that I used and still use to just listen to music. I was in New York and just felt like people didn’t want to hear me and I felt like I got stuck in a little pattern of doing sh*t because I liked the outcome. I liked being cool, hanging around a lot of people. I liked people being nice to me and sh*t like that and got trapped in it. Once I lost a lot of that stuff I had to ask myself if I was doing it because I love it like I used to or if I’m doing it because I love what I get from it. It was a little bit of both, too much to be comfortable for me personally. I had to get back to doing things for the sake of just doing it, that’s when I started uploading stuff on that account -- it was like therapy. I can make a song and put it out the same hour its done and nobody’s tweaking on it. We just put it out and people can hear it. If they like it they like it but at the same time it’s not for anybody. It’s just expression.

Is the project done?

The songs? Yeah, we’re getting it mastered, that’s what we are waiting on now. I came up with the idea for the name and the cover while I was driving, it was like two or three trips ago. I was coming to the city to link with [Davidthetragic]. I wanted it to come out in July but you know mixing and all that stuff-- I’m still going to push for July.

Jazz Ingram
Jazz Ingram at Cam Kirk Studio

What are some goals you have?

Some short-term goals, I want the music to take me to LA. I want a studio space there were I can work all the time. I don’t really need to know people because there are a couple people that want to work with me out there. I want to be able to bring them into this space and just make different types of music and be low-key. Hopefully Kobe is with me. I want to live comfortably though. My longer-term goal, I want 1.2 million dollars so I can buy this 600k dollar house in New York I’ve been looking at it. It’s 1500 square feet and it’s like the size of the downstairs in the house I grew up in. I feel like that would be good. Long term I just look at music as like a vessel to see the world so I hope that I could get a house in Nigeria.

What can the world expect of you?

Sounds and images.

Search my music on all the streaming platforms just search Jazz Ingram, run the kids pockets up, we gotta eat. If you do use Soundcloud its Jazz Ingram but the (A) in Ingram is the (@) symbol but go to the anonymous Soundcloud its babycliché’s bedroom. If you don’t use the apostrophe you're not going to find it.

Taken by Isaiah C.

Taken by Isaiah C.

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