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I am David, well DavidTheTragic, either or. And that’s how I introduce myself, I guess.

Where are you from and how would you describe yourself?

I'm originally from Florida. I was born in Broward county, Florida and I moved to Atlanta when I was like 4 years old. And I feel like I’m a super opinionated-argumentative-mellow dude if that’s possible, yeah.

What is it that you do?

[I make music], it’s like alternative with undertones of funk but its rap music. It’s slanted I don't know why, the shit is just a little slanted. Like if something was slanted it would be [my music].


Photo taken by Isaiah C.

DavidtheTragic performing.

What got you into the music industry?

Really just being young, being in high school and just fucking with it. Like before it was really cool to fuck with it. Now everyone is on that shit. I was kind of doing it when you got shitted on for it. That’s how I knew it was what I wanted to do, because trying to get really good at it helped a lot as well.

Can you describe what your first show was like?

My first show was Jazz’s show at the Masquerade. I was like 15 and we did the song we had together called ‘Ring Savage’ and that was the first time I ever got on stage. I was nervous as shit for like a week and then when I got up there it was just a straight adrenaline rush. I couldn’t sleep until like four in the morning [afterwards] because I was just off straight adrenaline. You got to think how nerve racking it is, initially that shit is not easy bro.

Photo taken by Isaiah C.

We showed up to Lotus Rosery 5 where David was performing and took some photos. We asked him how he would describe that environment.

I would say that night a lot of people came that didn’t look the same so I fucked with that. It looked pretty deep--it came out cool on the pictures. They were fucking with the songs, I think I did pretty well that show. They were moving. That shit was cool so I guess that’s how I could describe that shit. We got some cool ass pictures.

What all producers do you work with?

I don't work with Gus [Gus Glasser, who was making beats in the room] yet but we are about to start working on some shit so Gus is cool. On my project, my new shit, Ovrkast is on like 3 or 4 of them. Then its YourFriendKami, shout out to him, he's in NY right now. Ovrkast is in Oakland, I met him through the internet and we've been kicking it ever since type shit, on some internet shit. We just as far as sound, progressed in the same direction. Even though my new shit is bouncier compared to the old hip- hop shit I used to do, he's like on some other shit too now so it just worked.

DavidtheTragic recording.

Photo taken by Isaiah C.

How many songs are on the new project and when is it going to release?

It’s 7 tracks and I have no release date. [Talking to Gus] “the single drops at like the end of next month?” Wait I’m lying, it's supposed to be the end of this month. So the end of March a single, then it's just roll out. I think, I'm not sure.


What can people expect from your new project?

Something really different. I forgot that I haven't really dropped any music in like a year. I haven't really thought about it like that. I mean I dropped that Pretty Girl Remix that's really it. I think that hit like 65k and Clairo reposted it so that was cool and that shit was super different from anything I've done.


I mean the first goal is just this project. I'm just trying to do this shit right. So, content wise that's really-- the music is done I’ve been done with it for like 3 months it's just like I’m working on everything else.

What's the name for the project?

Oh it's called ‘Fit In’, hell yeah. That's one goal right? Then like, I don’t really have a second short term goal. I guess it’s other shit I’m working on that isn’t music. I’ve been taking more pictures and shit like that, so I'm trying to get better with that because that's just something else that I could be doing. I’ve been doing a lot more shoots and I haven’t even realized it so thats my second thing and long term goal is to just progress. I think I’m just destined to be more-- it’s just going to be a more organic thing to me. I don’t think it’s ever going to be like a one day-next day type of shit. I think it’s going to be like a thing, but due to that I think I'll have a stronger base to uphold me if that makes sense and I'm okay with that.

Photo taken by Isaiah C.

Final words-- Shoutouts

I'm not going to shout out anybody because then I'll forget somebody but shouts out to y’all!! You can find me on anything at DavidTheTragic, Spotify and shit and Instagram. Shout out Isaiah.

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